As we are living uncertain times and nobody knows what kind of travel restriction we might face in the future, we have changed our cancellation policy for Covid-19 distractions. You can now pre-book all activities for Summer, Autumn and Winter with 100% refund guarantee.

Safety is a top priority when you join our tours. Lapland is still one of the safest travel destinations in the world and social distancing is easier here than anywhere else.

Safety and travelling

Beyond Arctic is taking current covid-19 situation seriously and we have developed our services to ensure the safety of our guests. 

We understand that travelling to foreign country during these times can feel insecure and we all consider safety as a number one priority. We wanted to write this Covid-19 guideline to you, so we can act responsibly together and ensure the safety of our guests and our team in this current situation and make sure joining our tours in Rovaniemi is safe and responsible.

Safety on our tours

Safety is a top priority when you join our tours in Rovaniemi:
  • Every day we are following latest guidelines and recommendations issued by Finnish government
  • We take care of hygiene of all our equipment and clothing
  • We have disinfectant available in our office, vehicles and you can ask it from your guide anytime
  • We operate only in small-groups and avoid locations with crowds
  • We have face masks available in our office for our guests free of charge
  • All our tours are taking place outdoors which means low chance for any contagion
  • We take extra good care for cleaning our office
  • We work closely with local tourism and health authorities and if we encounter any signs of Covid-19 infection during our daily operations, we take immediate action according to official guidelines

Cancellation policy during Covid-19

As we are living uncertain times, we have changed our cancellation policy for Covid-19 distractions. You can now pre-book all activities for Autumn and Winter with 100% refund guarantee. In case you are not able to travel Rovaniemi at the time of your booking because of Covid-19, we will fully refund your tours or move them to other dates free of charge.

This policy applies for all activities which are operated by Beyond Arctic and which are cancelled latest 48 hours before the tour and cancellation is caused by Covid-19 virus.


Customer has a responsibility to acquaint him/herself with current and confirmed restrictions, instructions and any possible circumstances that may affect traveling to Finland before booking.
Beyond Arctic is entitled to ask and inspect of any document or other affirmation that proves customers factual traveling plans to Finland before booking confirmation

- With an official governmental announcement that Country/Region/Town or any other defined geographical area in Finland is closed and which will prevent traveling or makes it exorbitantly difficult.
- Customer’s origin country of Departure stated on the booking, prevents leisure traveling or makes it exorbitantly difficult.
- After confirmed booking Finnish government changes quarantine instructions in a way that it prevents traveling or makes it exorbitantly difficult.
- Beyond Arctic needs to cancel the booking due to new restrictions issued by Finnish government or health authorities which may prevent traveling or makes it exorbitantly difficult.

- Customer neglects his/her responsibility to acquaint current traveling restrictions which may affect traveling to Finland.
- Customer refuses to make COVID-19 test in which he/she is pointed by official Finnish authorities and refusal affects traveling to/in Finland or prevents it at once
- Customer chooses NOT to travel because of COVID-19.
- Transportation or accommodation is cancelled or re-scheduled in Finland OR in any other country when coming to Finland (connecting flights etc.)
- Country used as a transfer country when coming to Finland restricts arrival/transfer or in any other way affects customers arrival to Finland.
- If customer is diagnosed with COVID-19 before departing origin country. In this case customer´s cancellation is appraised as any other illness or injury stated in cancellation terms and conditions.

- Beyond Arctic holds the right to offer an alternative date for booking if needed.
- Rescheduling is always considered as a first option over directly cancelling the booking by Beyond Arctic.
- Beyond Arctic holds the right to withhold booking payment or any retainers already paid until rescheduling process is settled throughout between Beyond Arctic and the customer.

This cancellation policy only applies for photography tours operated by Beyond Arctic. Partner tours organized by other local companies including electric snowmobiling, huskies, ice climbing, fatbiking etc. will have their own cancellation policy which we shall follow in case of cancellation.

Arriving to Finland

Beyond Arctic is following latest updates on travel restriction to Finland very actively. As we partner with local tourism information authority Visit Rovaniemi, it is easiest to check latest instructions about travelling to Finland directly from their website:

Visit Rovaniemi - Travel safely and read the latest instruction

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