Would you like to learn more about Northern Lights and how to photograph them?

This workshop will give you detailed information about the Northern Lights as a phenomenon and you will learn how to photograph them during your stay in Rovaniemi! You will also get up-to-date information about where, when and how you can maximize your chances of seeing the Northern Lights during your stay.
During this 45-minute workshop professional Aurora hunter and photographer will teach you all the skills you need before heading out to capture your own ultimate Aurora photo!

What you will learn during our workshop?

Northern Lights

  • What are the Northern Lights and what causes them?
  • Science behind the Northern Lights
  • Ideal places to see the Northern Lights
  • Best tips for Aurora hunting from local professional
  • Detailed Aurora forecast for the evening and for next 2 days


  • Cameras and other equipment
  • What are the right settings for your camera and how to set your camera?
  • How to adjust focus in the dark
  • Arctic weather and photography

After workshop we have 15 minutes time for some personal instruction with camera settings.

Workshop details


Beyond Arctic Cinema & Workshop
Valtakatu 21, Rovaniemi


Tuesday, Friday 17:00 – 18:00


25€ / person

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25 € / person

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