Snowmobiling has been the most convenient way to move over snowy landscapes in Arctic area for decades.

It´s effective and easy way to reach destinations you have no access with car or other vehicles. Still nowadays it is the most common type of transportation for reindeer herders during the winter time.
In 2017 snowmobiling had a turning point when Aurora emotions released their new innovative eSled that works with same principles as electric car. Environmentally friendly and silent eSled won’t use any petrol or other polluting chemicals, just electricity. Power is developed from batteries inside the eSled. In 2018 we are proud to offer these new innovative eSled tours as an alternative for normal petrol used snowmobiles. Same fun, same experience but in a way that respects precious Arctic nature!

On this eSled wilderness tour you will drive into remote wilderness area through frost covered pine forests and along the shores of frozen lakes. As eSleds are quiet we don´t disturb animals of the area and have better chances to meet reindeers or other Arctic animals in their natural habitat. During the tour we will have a break in traditional Lappish cottage and enjoy warm beverages with snacks and listen some fascinating stories about Lapland and Arctic nature.
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175 € / person
For the single bookings, please contact us by email and we will make a reservation for you!

Adventure info

Length: 3 hours
Start: 14:00
Operated: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday
Team: max. 8 persons / tour (minimum 2 persons)
Available: 1st December – 15th April
Activity level:

What is included:
  • Electric snowmobile adventure to wilderness (20-30km)
  • Professional guide
  • overalls, helmet, boots, socks, mittens, balaclava and scarf
  • hot drinks and snacks
Every driver must be adult (over 18) with valid driver’s license. Age limit in eSled programs is 4 years. Children 4-14 years travels in sled.

Please contact us for detailed pick-up information if your Accommodation is not on the list!

175 € / person (2 persons / eSled)
Children: 131,25 € / person
Single driver supplement: 70€
+358 50 323 1090
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