The cultural and natural heritage of Lapland is unique within the whole world. Therefore, all our tours and adventures are based on the values of sustainable travelling. Our team at Beyond Arctic is deeply committed to keeping our beautiful part of the world pristine by minimizing our environmental impact.

We employ a meticulous selection process for the locations on all of our tours, in order to ensure the highest levels of both sustainability and customer satisfaction. We remove and recycle all litter produced on our trips. All the wood we use is produced by us and impact to the nature is minimized. We don’t use any petrol-operated snowmobiles and we have modern vehicles to ensure the latest technology is used to reduce pollution.

As a socially responsible company, we also want to make sure that our staff is happy and well paid. We respect local cultures and ways of life and try to minimize our impact on it. We stand to protect the Arctic environment and care for the area where we operate.

By booking your Rovaniemi activities with us you are also showing your support to the Arctic area. Through our cooperation with the Protect Our Winters movement we are committed to help fight climate change and save snowy winters everywhere across the Arctic area.

In June 2021 our team was thrilled to receive Green Activities Environmental Award to recognize our work for responsible tourism during the last 5 years. We are also actively participating Sustainable Travel Finland program, which is nation wide sustainability program to help companies develop responsible tourism in Finland. In 2021 we were granted Sustainable Travel Finland label for our pioneering work for sustainable tourism in Lapland.


3 steps to sustainable travelling

Three steps to sustainable travelling has been Beyond Arctic’s commitment since 2016 to recognize the key factors of responsible company and tour operator. These three key areas are part of our everyday operations and through them we are showing our commitment for sustainable tourism and providing responsible way to travel in Arctic.

1. Protect the Arctic nature
- Respect the surrounding nature and minimize impact to it
- Use only electric snowmobiles on tours & adventures
- Remove and recycle all litter produced during the tours
- Use only sustainably produced wood that comes from PEFC certified forests (we produce all the wood we use and plant a tree for every tree harvested)
- Operate with modern vehicles to ensure the latest technology is used to reduce pollution
- Raise the environmental awareness for the guests
- Try to minimize the carbon footprint and improve the methods to bring it lower
- Improve and develop the operations constantly

2. Be local
- Co-operate with local partners and businesses
- Serve local food and support the food production in the area
- Give back through Protect Our Winters movement for fighting the climate change
- Respect the local people and culture when operating in different areas
- Employ local people
- Offer fair salaries and keep them equal
- Keep the operations running year-round

3. Tell authentic Lappish story
- Co-operate with universities (our main partner is University of Lapland)
- Raise the cultural awareness for the guests
- Bring the Lappish culture and traditions part of the services
- Respect the culture and traditions of indigenous Sami people when operating in Lapland
- Show the values of family business in every day operations

Read our Environmental Policy for our teams commitment to protect the Arctic Nature:

Beyond Arctic - Environmental policy

Read more about Finnish Outdoor Etiquette:

Visitor Guideline and Outdoor Etiquette

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