Beyond Arctic was founded to provide once-in-a-lifetime experiences to fellow travelers exploring our wonderful corner of the world. But how exactly do we achieve that? Here are our principles of operation.

1. We are committed to being the best

Whether it's our staff in the office or the guides on expeditions, we always strive to be the best in what we do.

Every time we roll out with our team, we are determined to provide a bespoke, unique experience. There is a wealth of personal and professional traveling, hiking and photography experience behind our service. There are countless hours of background work and planning behind our itineraries. There is solid investment behind all the equipment we use.

Little wonder then, that our customers rate us as the best tour provider in Rovaniemi area (96% excellent reviews on TripAdvisor).

2. We are exclusive

In order to experience Arctic wilderness at its most authentic, we keep our operation small and flexible. This means a maximum of 8 people on any of our tours. Locations of the day are always chosen together with the team and bearing the current weather conditions in mind. No two tours are the same.

To most tour companies, planning an itinerary means finding a location, building a shelter and taking their customers there. To us, however, it means having dozens of amazing locations to choose from. And most importantly, continuing to find dozens more.

3. We believe in respect

When you come to Beyond Arctic, you become a member of our team. Your interest is our interest, and our interest is the wilderness.

We go out seeking serenity, adventure and beauty. This cannot be done by following others. That’s why you won’t find us flocking to the same select spot with a bus full of people day in day out.

Instead, we go out with respect for the team and for the nature. We work together. We have the time to slow down and the excitement to speed up. There is no tight schedule. We are with the nature and the nature is with us.

Why choose our expeditions?

  • We are exclusive
    – the group size on our expeditions never exceeds 8 persons
  • We have no tight schedules
    – you have all the time necessary to concentrate on photographing and experiencing the Arctic nature at its most authentic
  • Our expeditions are never the same
    – we always customise our expedition programs together with the team before heading out
  • We work together
    – you are not only a customer on a guided tour, you are a member of a team
  • We will go the extra mile
    – or 100 miles if necessary, to show you the best of Lapland

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