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How do i know if the tour is suitable for my fitness level?

All our tours and adventures has been rated according to their activity level. You can find symbols here:

 Relaxed- Suitable for everyone
 Easy- Short walking or easy trip with skis /snowshoes
 Moderate- Moderate walking included (3-5km)
 Active- Moderate walking in deep snow or slippery ground included (3-5km)
 Challenging- long distance of hiking in changing environments, deep snow and slippery ground

What to wear on my Tour?

In winter time it can be extremely cold here in the Arctic. Temperatures can drop severely within the duration of the tour, especially at night-time. You should wear enough layers underneath your outdoor clothing. For example: thermal underwear, woollen socks and one extra layer of fleece is usually enough. Take a look at our ’Equipment’ page for a more specific list. For all photography tours, Beyond Arctic provide you with warm overalls, winter boots, winter hat and gloves if needed. Before we head out, your professional photography guide will instruct you about the weather conditions and the right amount of clothing.

What other preparations should I make for the Tour or Adventure?

As our tours are photography based, you should prepare your DSLR/M-camera, lenses, tripod, some extra batteries, memory card and a camera bag. Having your photography equipment in order will help you capture the photo of your dreams with our assistance.

Wait! I don´t have a professional camera. Am I able to join the tour?

Certainly you are! Pocket cameras or even modern-day mobile phones work perfectly well for daytime photography. For night-time photography we usually recommend DSLR/Ms for the best results. Nevertheless, even if you don’t have any camera equipment or aren’t even that keen on photography, you are most warmly welcome to join our tours & adventures. Our professional guides are also photographers who will carry a professional camera with them along the tour. They will take photos during the tour, and their photos will be delivered to you afterwards.

Do I need a tripod for the Northern Lights tour?

No need for a tripod. We will lend you one with no extra charge!

I don´t have a DSLR/M-camera of my own, but I’m keen on trying one. What should I do?

Beyond Arctic offers a rental service, which allows you to rent a professional camera for the tour you are joining. Rental service includes the camera, an 16GB memory card, a lens and a tripod. Even if you don’t have earlier experience in photography, our professional photography guides will teach you how to operate the camera, even in manual mode. This is an easy way to be introduced into the world of photography without having to buy all the equipment straight away.

What equipment does Beyond Arctic provide for the photography tour?

For every tour you will be provided with the following equipment: backpack, warm beverages, head torch, equipment for BBQ and winter clothing as needed. Also for the evening tours, a tripod is provided without an extra fee.

You mentioned that the guide will take some pictures for me. When should I expect to receive them?

Especially during the busy winter season, we have a huge amount of photos to process. Please allow for an estimated delivery time of one week.

Do I need to pay for the photos taken by the guide?

Nope. We will send you photos free-of-charge. The photo quality is suited for use on Facebook or Instagram, for example. Each picture will always include our logo in the right lower corner. If you want to purchase original full quality photos for print use, we offer a variety of packages to choose from. The pricing for different packages will be sent to you along with the photos.

How many photos will I receive?

Normally we will send 5 to 15 photos as a memory from the tour.

I need a pick-up service from my accommodation, how much does it cost?

We will provide you with a free pick up service within the range of 10 km (6 miles) from Rovaniemi city center. You will be informed about the pick-up place and time. If you are staying outside of our pick-up range, please contact us and we will figure out the most convenient way to arrange a pick-up for you. If you are staying somewhere close to city center, we kindly ask you to arrive directly to our office at the informed time. Our office is very centrally located within a comfortable walking distance from all hotels in the city center.

What´s the difference between Photography Tours and OTHER ADVENTURES?

Photography tours are operated and guided by Beyond Arctic and our professional photography guides.

Other adventures found from our page are hand-picked selection of high quality activities here in the Arctic region, which we have chosen from our most reliable partners. We carefully choose partners who share our values and principles when it comes to operating activities in the fragile Arctic area. On these adventures you will not have a professional photographer guiding the tour and clothing from Beyond Arctic is not included. On some tours, terms and conditions and cancellation policies may differ from those of Beyond Arctic.


I want to book a photographer to join my group for a certain activity. Is this possible?

Yes, Beyond Arctic offers a photoshoot service, which allows you to book a photographer. The photgrapher will accompany you and take pictures of you and your group during activities, such as visiting the Santa Claus village.

How is the photoshoot service different from normal Tour or Adventure services?

During our photoshoot services you aren’t joining our normal group departure, but instead you hire a photographer to come along to your own activities, which you have planned. This can be anything from visiting a reindeer farm to Family portraits in the Arctic nature.

How many pictures do I receive and what is the cost for them?

You can find our rates and more information about the photoshoot service here. (

Can I also get prints?

All the photoshoot pictures are in digital form. Pictures will be sent to you through a cloud service where you can download them to your own computer or other device. These photos always come as full resolution pictures. Due to high quality, these photos are well suited for printing your own posters, for example.

What kind of photoshoots are you able to do?

We have experience in pre- and after wedding photoshoots, proposals, nature and landscape photography, different activities and events. All of these with years of experience. Please contact us by email and let us tailor a photoshoot service based on your needs!

Do you only take still photos?

Usually we only take still photos, but we also have a readiness for videography and drones. This depends on your inquiry. Especially darkness and difficult weather conditions are something that could prevent us from offering some services.


I want to participate in your Aurora Photography Workshop! How can I join?

Our unique Aurora Photography Workshop is held at our own premises right in the Rovaniemi city centre at Valtakatu 21. The workshop runs every Friday from 17:00 – 18:00 and you can buy tickets from local hotels, tourist information and directly from us at the Beyond Arctic office.

I don’t have a camera of my own. Can I still join?

Yes, you are still able to join! The workshop is not only about photography techniques, but also provides interesting information about the Northern Lights and what causes the phenomenon. We also show a short Northern Lights video during the workshop.

We have a bigger group who would like to do this Workshop privately. Is it possible?

We can arrange private workshops for bigger groups. Please contact us directly:

Beyond Arctic Ltd.


Phone +358 50 323 1090
Address Valtakatu 21, Rovaniemi, Finland


Phone +358 40 128 0766

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