On this photography tour you will meet Arctic animals and capture the most memorable pictures of them!

We will drive into Ranua wildlife park inhabited by more than 50 different species of Arctic animals, such as polar bear, wolverine, grey wolf and arctic fox to name a few.

These wild animals live in natural habitat with spacious fencing surrounded by Nordic forest. This is a superb milieu for photography!

During the day, we will take a walk around the zoo and along the trail and meet many animals, which belong to the Arctic area. We will focus on photographing these Northern animals and use all the time necessary to capture exquisite pictures of this fascinating wildlife!

As we become enthralled by Arctic nature, the guide narrates detailed and interesting information about the animals and their living environments. Did you know, for instance, that reindeer grow a new pair of antlers every year? Their antlers constitute the fastest growing bone on Planet Earth.

Some animals in the park are highly endangered, so we also provide information how on you could act to prevent Arctic species from extinction. Ranua Zoo is dedicated to taking care of injured animals and if possible returning them back to nature. Some animals we see on our tour have been rescued from wilderness as they might have been hurt or abandoned by their own.

Before heading back to Rovaniemi you also have time to shop some famous Fazer sweets, local delicacies and souvenirs in small boutiques close to the wildlife park.

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145€ / person
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Tour info

Length: 5 hours
Location: Rovaniemi
Start: 9:00
Operated: Every day    
Available: 1st December – 18th April
Team: max. 8 persons / tour (minimum 2 persons)
Activity level:

What is included:
  • wilderness/photography guide
  • full day tour to Arctic wildlife park with professional photographer
  • hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • minivan transportation
  • tickets to a zoo
  • warm clothing & winter boots
  • 10-15 photos from the tour sent to you afterwards

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