This is a true Husky adventure taking you for 10km sleigh ride into Arctic nature and wilderness. 

You will be a musher of your own Husky team leading them through amazing winter sceneries and forests of Lapland! During this adventure you will get to drive your own husky sled with feeling of freedom and friendship with your own team of Huskies. This is the most exclusive Husky experience in Rovaniemi as the whole Husky farm is booked only for your own family or group.

You will make new friends with huskies and locals while you are visiting their home and seeing the real local way of life with husky mushers. We will drive in the middle of the beautiful Arctic nature where you can experience the stunning beauty of Lapland with the people’s best friends – Husky dogs.

This is a lovely experience for families with small children and for small groups of friends. At the husky home there are 20 huskies you will get to meet and pet during your visit. During the adventure we will be driving a sled on easy terrain which makes this tour suitable for all.

You will learn how to drive the sled and the children can sit in the sled wrapped in the warmth of a winter sleeping bag.

When you get back to the house you will have delicious pancakes in the warmth inside. Take a moment to relax and enjoy some comfort indoors and time for hugging the lovely huskies.

As a private tour we ensure you will get the most of this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Book online now!
1080 € / GROUP
For the single bookings, please contact us by email and we will make a reservation for you!

Adventure info

Length: 2 hours
Start: 9:00 or 12:00
Operated: Every day
Team: Your own family/group
Available: 1st December – 31st March
Activity level:
What is included:
  • Visiting authentic family husky farm privately
  • Self-driving a sled with team of Huskies
  • 10km husky sled adventure
  • Warm coats, gloves and hats
  • Homemade pancakes and hot drinks
  • Pick-up/drop-off from your accommodation in Rovaniemi

If you can’t find suitable day from our calendar, please contact us by email and we will check the possible day outside of our normal schedule!

If there is more than 4 persons in your family, please book extra persons during check-out!

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