Juho Uutela, Founder & CEO

Juho is a true explorer who is always seeking for the next adventure. With more than a decade of experience in demanding hikes, mountain climbs and remote destinations around the world, Juho wanted to combine the explorer's spirit with his passion for photography. Beyond Arctic was born.

"Photography is a core activity in all of our expeditions and tours. Trying to capture the essence of the Arctic nature enhances the experience of being there. Step by step, frame by frame. No rush, no strict schedules – our focus is on the adventure."

"Never stop exploring."

Annika Uurtamo, Sales & reservations

Annika is a warm-hearted professional with more than 10 years of work experience in the travel industry. As the head of our sales & reservations, she will help you choose the best activities during your stay in Rovaniemi. For Annika, the most important part of a perfect nature experience is being one with the nature with all five senses open. It is her devotion to ensure that your nature experience is also something truly spectacular. Annika is always out there to help you make the best out of your holiday.

"Dive into nature."

Juho Uurtamo, Operation manager

Another one of our photography guides, also called Juho, he is a passionate photographer and an outdoor enthusiast. Born and raised hundreds of kilometers above the Arctic circle, Juho is in his natural habitat out in the Arctic wilderness. With his extensive knowledge of Lapland, Juho takes you safely to the best locations for nature and Northern Lights photography. Juho is an easy-going person with an unsatisfiable thirst for new experiences. His indomitable spirit as an expedition guide is guaranteed to create unforgettable moments out in the Arctic nature.

"Experience the real Lapland."

Markus Sillanpää – Operations Executive

Markus has found his biggest intrigue in Lapland and its Arctic wilderness. Regardless of the season he has endless interest in nature. Whether he is going fishing, hiking or just for a walk in the woods, Markus always carries his camera with him. Through his photography he wants to bring alive even the smallest detail.

When it comes to mode of transportation, Markus likes to count on his pair of good legs. So usually you’d find him hiking across fells and forests by foot, but in the winter time snowshoes and skis often become a necessity. With Markus you are never in a rush and will always have time to experience the full span of many an unforgettable moment in the Arctic nature.

”Enjoy and respect the nature.”

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