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Beyond Arctic is committed to protect the unique and sensitive nature in Lapland. Since all our activities are based on principles of sustainable tourism, it is our commitment and duty to do absolute best to ensure the nature is treated well, and that our guests can enjoy this beautiful environment in the future as well. Our staff has been well trained, and we all follow common environmental policy. We also teach our guests about the nature in Lapland and how they are able to increase positive impact to it.

Sustainability and responsibility are the core values of Beyond Arctic. Without active nature protection and work towards positive outcomes we might face a future where we will not have place to operate in a way we want to. It is extremely important to be aware of diversity of the Lappish nature and to recognize the threats and to work in order to minimize the negative impacts. International guests are the main customer group of Beyond Arctic. For many travelers’ pure air, untouched nature and sensitivity of the area can be unknown, so it is our duty to raise the knowledge among our customers and work in a responsible way.

We are committed to share knowledge to our customers about the guidelines of recycling, diversity and fragility of the Lappish nature and Everyman’s rights. We are currently developing our sustainability management system and on the process of being certified with the Green Activities -certificate and Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland -label. With these together, we can act even more responsible way and develop our operations to the better future.

Most of our activities are located outside of Rovaniemi city center, and since we are moving to destinations with cars, we are committed to plan the routes in a way there will be no unnecessary driving. We are always using new and most ecological car options. We are also making sure that all our partners are sharing our policies and values. We are working together with company using electric snowmobiles and Husky farms that are working towards responsible animal tourism. With Green Activities -certificate we are also committed to renew and develop this policy and goals yearly and develop our company actions based on responsible and sustainable tourism principles.

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