Experience the magic of Lapland and photograph the amazing Northern Lights!

Going Aurora hunting with our professional guides, you have the best possible chance to witness the Northern Lights. We are Lapland’s top tour company specialised in Aurora photography and will ensure that you get the photos of a lifetime.
The Northern Lights season begins in mid-August, and we are prepared to take you to the best photography locations. At the beginning of Northern Lights season, tours will start a bit later as the skies will turn fully dark around midnight. Something truly spectacular are the pictures of Northern Lights taken by the lakes and rivers in Autumn. This is the time of the year to get the best photos taken as the Northern Lights are reflecting from the water. and we can witness double Auroras in the photos!

The focus of this private tour is on Northern Lapland area, and we travel by minivan. We start with a meeting about the tour of the day. You will get a short briefing about current weather conditions, Aurora forecasts and about our destination of the day.

Northern Lights are always unpredictable and there is no guarantee that we will find them every night. However, we give you the best possible chance to experience and photograph these mystical wonders of the Arctic area. What sets us apart from other tour providers is a genuine determination of finding the Northern Lights. With us you are a member of an exclusive team led by a professional photography guide. Simply put, we are real Aurora hunters and rely on the following to succeed in our mission:
  • background research into local weather and Aurora forecasts
  • live information feed coming direct into our minivan
  • local knowledge of all the best viewing spots 
  • willingness to go the extra mile – or a hundred miles – to find the Aurora
During the night, we normally go to 2-3 different locations which are always chosen according to local weather conditions and photographic opportunities. This means that if we have a clear sky and a possibility to see the Aurora 100 km away, we will take the chance and drive you there.

We have made the effort in finding the best locations in every direction for witnessing the amazing Northern Lights. When arriving to the first location, our guide, a professional photographer, will help you to prepare your camera for Northern Lights photography. Then we are ready for the show of a lifetime!

This private Northern Lights tour gives us flexibility to plan locations according to your group/family wishes and is the most suitable Aurora tour for families travelling with small children! For passionate photographers, we can take you one step deeper in the Arctic nature for best possible landscapes!

Why choose this tour?
  • We are the First and Original Aurora hunting and photography tour operator in Rovaniemi, Lapland – > We are now bringing this expertise to Levi also!
  • Real Aurora hunting with professional team of photographers
  • Professional instructions how to set up your own camera for night-time photography
  • Knowledge of the best locations situated around Levi
  • The most exclusive service - everything is included in price
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from 700€ / group
For the single bookings, please contact us by email and we will make a reservation for you!

Tour info

Destination: Levi
Length: 4-5 hours
19th September – 30th November at 19:30
1st September – 18th September at 21:30
Operated: Every night
Team: max. 8 persons
(own group of 1-8 persons)
Available: 19th September – 31st March

Starting time is flexible in this private tour! Please contact us!
What is included:
  • wilderness / photography guide
  • hot drinks and snacks
  • hunt for the Northern Lights
  • hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • minivan transportation
  • headlamps, BBQ gear
  • Aurora hunting guide – guidebook for Auroras & photography
  • tripod for your camera / mount for a Smart phone
  • 5 – 15 photos from the tour sent to you afterwards
On those nights when we are unable to find Northern Lights because of heavy clouding or snowfall, we will concentrate on night photography in the middle of the Arctic nature and take you to some of our night photography locations!


700 € (group 1-4 persons)
850 € (group 5-6 persons)
1000 € (group 7-8 persons)

Winter clothing + boots rental:
30 € / person/ tour

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