Would you like to witness the amazing colours of Autumn in Lapland?

Our Autumn expedition takes you on a journey to photograph the breath-taking views and colors of the Arctic nature. This whole day expedition is operated on an ancient fell in the middle of the Nordic forest and wilderness. We have a chance to photograph the diverse, vivid colours of the nature, when it’s preparing to a long and cold winter.
Our destination is truly one of a kind for photography. Rocky hills and massive boulders from the time of the Ice Age complete the ascetic feel of this Lappish landscape. We will take time to travel through forests, which are over three hundred years old. Huge spruces and pines give the air of an ancient era where time has stopped and everything stands still in silence. During the hike, you will see the rock formations that formed lake shores during the Ice Age and are now telling us stories from thousands of years ago.

Once reaching the summit of the fell you will see the boundless Arctic forests filled with Autumn colours when deciduous trees are turning into colours of red, orange and yellow. Halfway through the expedition, we will have a break to enjoy light lunch prepared on open fire. You will also get a chance to drink pure water from a natural spring. Your guide is a professional photographer who makes sure that you have all the time necessary to photograph the colourful nature during the trip.
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Expedition info

Length: 6-7 hours
Location: Rovaniemi
Start: 09:00
Operated: Every day
Team: max. 8 persons / expedition (minimum 2 persons)
Walking distance: 5 km
Available: 1st – 30th September
What is included:
  • private expedition guide
  • full day adventure to authentic Lappish nature
  • light lunch during the day
  • drinks and snacks
  • hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • minivan transportation
  • necessary equipment
As our tours are photography based and quite demanding we have a minimum age of 12 years to participate in our activities. If you are traveling with younger children, please contact us and we’ll arrange a private tour for you!

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Sense the Autumn colors - Photography expedition

170 € / person
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Sense the Autumn colors

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