Dive into authentic Finnish nature and lumberjack history by the way of photography

Auttiköngäs nature trail takes us deep into primeval taiga forest. This wonderful ring trail is 3,5km (2,2 miles) long and located a one-hour drive away from the city of Rovaniemi. Auttiköngäs is part of a forest protection program to protect old-growth forests in Northern Finland. Owing to its extensive protection, the area makes for an ideal spot to explore authentic and untouched wilderness.
Auttiköngäs photography expedition includes tremendously versatile opportunities for photography and nature exploring. The area we enter has stayed in its natural state for centuries. The age-old taiga forest itself provides great scenery and authentic Lappish landscapes to photograph while breathing your lungs full of fresh Arctic air. Along the tour we will hike to the top of a small fell where you are rewarded with an inspiring perspective into the valley down below. Wide-angle lenses for panoramic views and zoom lenses to capture snow-covered tree tops are our top recommendations with years of experience photographing in Auttiköngäs area.

Having reached the top of the fell, we continue our journey through ancient seashores all the way to a secret shelter hidden deep in the forest, right next to a frozen river. Once inside the shelter, we will make a campfire to prepare a delicious light lunch of special Lappish sandwiches and sausages. We also enjoy warm juice and tea under old and aged spruces all the while surrounded by the remarkable silence of the wilderness.

Our journey continues along the frozen river until we reach the great canyon of Auttiköngäs. The canyon in itself is breathtaking scene to witness, nonetheless it is the 16-meter high waterfall — running wildly and rapidly regardless of the freezing temperatures — that really seals the success of this photography expedition. Owing to these unique wonders of the nature, Auttiköngäs creates an extraordinarily diverse experience when it comes to photographing and really savoring the Arctic environment during this full-day expedition.
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155€ / person
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Tour info

Length: 5-6 hours
Start: 9:00
Team meeting: 8:45
Operated: Everyday
Walking distance: 3,5km / 2,2 miles
Available: 1st December – 15th April
Team: max. 8 persons / expedition (minimum 2 persons)
What is included:
  • private expedition guide
  • light lunch during the day
  • hot drinks and snacks
  • hike in the protected wilderness area
  • hotel pick-up & drop-off
  • minivan transportation
  • backpack, bbq- gear
  • warm clothing & winter boots (if needed)
As our tours are photography based and quite demanding we have a minimum age of 10 years to participate in our activities. If you are traveling with younger children, please contact us and we’ll arrange a private tour for you!

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Auttiköngäs photography expedition

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