Best winter activities in Rovaniemi

Imagine the magic of mid-winter in Lapland: nature covered under meters of white snow, crispy days with temperature dropping way below the zero and absolute peace and quietness surrounding us in the middle of the arctic nature.

When visiting in Lapland wintertime, there are some activities that you do not want to miss! The snowy nature offers excellent possibilities for various activities: How about try skiing, the most popular winter sport in Finland? Or maybe you want jump on snowshoes and explore the beautiful wilderness areas or try your luck at ice fishing on a frozen lake?

The two invincible – Ice Fishing & Skiing

If we would have to select two activities which will offer the best way to experience the winter in Lapland, they would be Backcountry skiing and Ice Fishing. On ice fishing tour you will learn the basics of this traditional style winter fishing and at the same time get to enjoy the beautiful nature on a frozen lake. Again, if you want to have an unlimited access to snowy hinterlands of Lapland, we can jump on backcountry skis and create our own path through the wilderness!

Does both activities above sound like something you have always wanted to try? We have good news for you! Our latest addition to our tour collection combines backcountry skiing and ice fishing! To reach the best fishing spots in the area, there is no better way than take the backcountry skis and head towards the frozen lake. You get to drill your own hole through the ice and prepare your bait for some perch and pike fishing. If we get lucky with the catch at the end of the day we can head towards our private Kota and fry the catch of the day on open fire – This is the most Finnish it can get when we talk about winter activities!


Wilderness experiences with snowshoes  

As you might already know, the nature in Lapland is endless and the areas here are fulfilled with beautiful forest and real wilderness. In order to reach and experience the most remote locations, we can jump on snowshoes and head into the woods. Already during a few kilometres hike you will see Lapland’s nature at its best – pure, silent and peaceful. The wilderness areas beyond the beaten path are also the best ones to spot some wildlife; so get your camera ready and be prepared to capture some amazing photo memories from this trip!

Magic of the Northern Lights – while skiing!  

The best spots for Northern Lights are found from locations without light pollution – the Arctic wilderness is a perfect match for this. Seeing the northern lights is an amazing experience but imagine the feeling of diving into dark forest only with your skis and headlamps on and admiring the amazing night sky with millions of stars above us and Aurora Borealis dancing on horizon.

Many times, the very best Aurora viewing spots are not reachable without skis, so it gives us a perfect opportunity to find the most untouched photography spots away from basic routes and at the same time having a chance to take the nocturnal nature photography to a whole new level. Silence of the nature, magic of Lapland at night-time and the beauty of the Northern Lights – this is for sure a unique experience you will remember for a lifetime!

We hope these activity tips will help you when planning your trip to Lapland! See you in winter 2021-2022!

- Team Beyond Arctic

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