Aurora borealis

Lapland is one of the only places on Earth where you can witness the magical Aurora Borealis. These bright and colourful lights are seen dancing on the Arctic Sky from late Autumn until early Spring.

There are nearly 200 nights with Aurora displays every year in Finnish Lapland. The number puts it amongst the best places in the world to witness this mystical natural phenomenon. By joining one of our Beyond Arctic expeditions, you will have a great opportunity to experience the Aurora first-hand. Come with us to watch the sky fill with vibrant, frolicking colours in the middle of Northern Wilderness. 

The capital of Lapland

Rovaniemi is known as the capital of Finnish Lapland and home of Santa Claus. A picturesque and lively city situated right on the Arctic Circle, it offers an ideal starting point from which to dive into the depths of the surrounding wilderness. All of our expeditions and tours start from Rovaniemi, so it is easy to join us there and leave the city lights far behind.

Visit Rovaniemi

Land of the Midnight Sun

Summer in Finland is full of light and makes for an exhilarating time to visit Lapland. For a two-month period from June to July, The Sun doesn't set below the Horizon at all.

For photography, the Midnight Sun has a lot to offer. An endless array of colours descend upon spectacular landscapes, as the Sun bathes them in its slowly changing tones of light. Midnight is the best time to catch the smooth and vivid light of sunset and very soon after, it is already time for another sunrise.


Finland is known as the country of thousands of lakes — 188,000 to be exact. And oh boy, how we love each one of them! According to old Finnish mythology, lakes are a sacred domain belonging to deities and gods worthy of utmost respect. In the modern terms, we continue to value them as sources of livelihood and places of recreation. There’s nothing quite like a refreshing skinny dip into an inviting lake fresh out of the sauna!

Some of the cleanest and clearest of our thousands and thousands of lakes are found in Lapland. Owing to the Arctic conditions, winter brings a whole new dimension into water activities in the Northern region. Being able to hike, ski, skate and even drive across lakes and rivers makes many remote locations much more accessible.

At Beyond Arctic, we offer a variety of fishing trips and photography tours to a number of pristine lakes and rivers — summer or winter.


Finland is the most densely forested country in Europe and home to its last true wilderness — Lapland. Here is a place where you can roam around for days and days without running into another traveller. Talking about human travellers, that is…

The pristine and scenically striking areas found in the vast wilderness of Lapland provide habitat for an abundance of wildlife. Many tourists are frightened to hear of brown bears, wolves, lynx and wolverines keeping territory in Lapland. Yet, there is no reason to fear. There is plenty of space for all of us in the wild and all of these animals do their best to avert humans wherever possible.

Apart from impressive predators, there are many other animals, which you are far more likely — and probably more eager — to encounter in the wild. These include the majestic moose, cautious owls and mighty eagles, for example.

Owing to the unique wilderness and its intriguing inhabitants, nature and wildlife photographers flock to Lapland in pursuit of rare photographic opportunities. Whether you are a beginner, hobbyists or a professional Beyond Arctic has services to help you get the spectacular shots you desire.

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