Midnight sun is truly unique phenomenon here in Lapland. We experience the endless light during the summer months as the sun doesn’t set below the horizon. This is amazing time for photography as we have very unique light and no limits when to go out for photography.

In Rovaniemi sun will stay above horizon from beginning of June until beginning July. More North you travel, this period comes longer. In Utsjoki for example sun will stay up 2,5 months during the summer! At this point of the summer we have already went pass the exact time of Midnight sun in Rovaniemi, but we are still able to witness amazing sunsets with only 3-4 hours’ time between sunset and sunrise.

We have had our popular Midnight Sun photography tour running with every night departures during this summer. Every week we have had around 1-3 departures for the tour and there have been many photographers, nature enthusiast and medias joining us to experience the best locations for photographing the Midnight sun. Weather has been on our side during this summer and there have been only a few cancellations made because of rain.

If you are planning to travel Rovaniemi in summertime, Midnight sun is definitely one of the main things to go for. As the sun stays above horizon 24/7 we are experiencing some stunning colours and light from it. Think about the golden hour that will continue over many hours as the sun moves slowly in horizon over the midnight and starts to rise again! Warm and soft light of yellow and orange will bring your landscape and nature pictures alive and also gives your portraits a magical glimmer.

Summer is my own favourite season in Lapland because of photographic opportunities. Whether it is a night or a day, you always have light for photographing the nature and landscapes and in certain way it feels like time has stopped. A relaxing and refreshing time of the year to enjoy the Arctic nature through the photography!

Juho Uutela
Photographer, Beyond Arctic

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